Beating the heat in the summer can be a fun challenge, especially for kids! Here are some creative and refreshing ideas to keep them cool and entertained during the hot summer days:

Water Balloon Fight: Organize a water balloon fight in your backyard or a nearby park. It’s a classic summer activity that kids love, and it’s a great way to stay cool while having fun.

Water Slide:  Rent one of SWAG Party Rental’s awesome water slides or slip n slides.  Press the easy button of kid fun – be sure to ask about our mid-week specials!

Water Gun Battle: Have a water gun battle with squirt guns of different sizes and shapes. Set up obstacles or create teams for added excitement.

Backyard Water Obstacle Course: Set up a backyard water obstacle course using slip ‘n slides, kiddie pools, and other water toys. Kids can race through the course and splash around to stay cool.  Don’t have the time to build one?  SWAG offers multiple water Obstacle Courses for fun for all ages.

Ice Block Treasure Hunt: Freeze small toys or treats in a large block of ice and let kids excavate them using water, salt, and toy tools. It’s a fun and interactive way to cool down while keeping kids entertained.

Watermelon Eating Contest: Host a watermelon eating contest where kids compete to see who can eat the most watermelon slices in a set amount of time. It’s a refreshing and delicious way to beat the heat.

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Outdoor Movie Night: Set up a backyard movie theater and host an outdoor movie night. Provide blankets and pillows for seating, and don’t forget the popcorn and cold drinks to keep everyone cool and comfortable.  If you need a project, inflatable screen or popcorn machine, SWAG has you covered!

Visit a Splash Pad: Take a trip to a local splash pad or water park where kids can run through fountains, play in water features, and enjoy a variety of water attractions.

These fun and creative ideas will help kids stay cool and entertained all summer long, making memories that they’ll cherish for years to come!